Flame Retardant Coatings

Tri-County Painting is an authorized installers of flame retardant coatings.
It's an intumescent fire retardant paint that is designed for interior surfaces to reduce the surface burning characteristics of the substrate. Has the appearance of conventional flat paint. In the presence of heat or flame, the coating puffs up (intumesces) and forms a thick sponge like cellular foam layer;  this foam layer insulates the substrate reducing the penetration of heat; thus retarding the flame spread and prolonging structural collapse.

Media/abrasive blasting:

-Dry ice blasting
-Sand Blasting
-Soda Blasting
-Walnut Shell Blasting
-Cob Blasting
-Glass Blasting
-Water Blasting
-Acrylic Blasting
-Aluminum Oxide Blasting
-Melamine Blasting
-Pumice Blasting
-Silicon Carbide Grit Blasting
-Steel Grit Blasting
-Steel Shot Blasting
-White Aluminum Oxide Blasting
-Flame Retardant

Industrial Coating:

~Fluid Applied Coatings
~Seamless Coatings
~High-Performance Industrial Coatings

-Wall Linings
-Tanks: Interior and Exterior

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